Filters for automatically sorting emails from your TeamForge site

X-headers are special instructions that that are added to many email messages. Messages that come from your TeamForge site have X-headers describing the purpose of the email, the event that triggered it, and lots of other information.

You can use these X-headers to sort and filter emails sent by TeamForge.

X-header Example Description
X-TeamForge-Application Tracker Application, if applicable. Values include Documents, Wiki, Source Code, TeamForge, Tasks, Tracker, Discussion, File Releases.
X-TeamForge-Artifact-Monitoring true For artifacts, true if the user is monitoring the artifact directly. If value is false, you are monitoring the folder, not the artifact.
X-TeamForge-AssignedTo admin User assigned to artifact or task.
X-TeamForge-CommitPath /path/to/my/branch For Subversion commit emails: reports the greatest common path of all files in the commit. For example, if you modify the paths /a/b/file1 and /a/c/file2, the value of the X-TeamForge-CommitPath header is /a. If you modify /a/b/file1 and /file2, the value is / (the root path of the repository).
X-TeamForge-FolderId tracker1005 If the object is a folder, the object’s ID, or the ID of the object’s container.
X-TeamForge-Forum New user forum For posts, this is the forum title.
X-TeamForge-PlanningFolder /path/to/my/folder The path to a planning folder.
X-TeamForge-ProjectId proj1006 Project ID, if applicable.
X-TeamForge-ServerName Hostname portion of TeamForge URL.
X-TeamForge-Status Open Status of artifacts, tasks, documents, and document reviews. Values include:
  • For artifacts: Open, Closed, Pending, or user-defined.
  • For tasks: Not Started, OK, Complete, Warning, or Alert.
  • For documents: Draft, Review, or Final.
  • For document reviews: Open or Closed.
X-TeamForge-Type Artifact The type of the object, if applicable. Values include Tracker, Artifact, Document Folder, Document, Document Version, Wiki Page, Wiki Page Version, Task Folder, Task, FRS Package, FRS Release, Discussion Forum, Discussion Topic, SCM Repository, SCM Commit.