Use this script as a debugging tool to troubleshoot system errors. It records a snapshot of the current state of the machine.


Run this script manually to generate debugging information before restarting the instance.


Run this script as follows:


The following options are available for the script:

Provides information on using the script.
An arbitrary command whose output should be placed in the generated log file. For example, you can have execute the lsof command like this:
--extra '/usr/sbin/lsof -n -P -b -i -U'

Enclose commands with options in quotes.

Provides output on the actions performed by the script.
Note: The output from is written to a log file in the [LOG_DIR]/runtime directory. Use the output (snapshot.log) to troubleshoot any system or CollabNet related errors.

Cluster location

Important: The script generates a log file for the node on which it is run. When a CollabNet site is deployed on a cluster and you need information to troubleshoot problems, it is recommended that you run this script on all the nodes.