Migrating users and user groups

Here are the migration details and migration notes for users and user groups.

Migration Overview

  • CEE's Host Superuser "root - root@domainname" is migrated as CTF 17.8’s TeamForge administrator "admin – root@collab.net.
  • CEE's Host administrators are migrated as CTF 17.8's site administrators.
  • User group mapping and project-role association is retained.

This table shows how fields in CEE map to fields in CTF 17.8:

CEE CTF 17.8
Host Superuser Administrator
Host Administrator Site Administrator
User - User Group association User - User Group association
User Group - Project - Role association User Group - Project - Role association
Group Name Full Name
Short Description Description
Initial users None
Allow new user to group Add
User Location None
Username User Name
Email Email Address
Full Name Full Name
Organization Organization
Password Password
Confirm Password Confirm Password
Email Language None
Creation Options Send Welcome Message?
None Restricted User
None Site Admin
Secondary Email Alternate emails
Has seen click-through None
Has seen welcome page? None
Include user in subversion reporting None
Project Tracker Self notification None
Project Tracker maximum report time None
Group memberships None
Times logged in None
Domain-wide role  
Host-wide roles Site Admin
None Profile Picture
None Status
None Date Time Format
None Detail


  • Post migration, CEE users must raise a "Forgot password" request to login into CTF 17.8. Using the response e-mail, the users can reset their passwords.
  • CEE’s default groups – "**Host Users" and "*Domain Users" are not migrated to CTF 17.8. The default user group associations (role mapping) will not be retained post-migration.
  • The following are the default users in CEE: "guest", "webmaster", "postmaster", "mailer-deamon" and "root". Post-migration, "root" is mapped to "admin" and other default users are mapped to "nobody" in CTF 17.8.
  • Unix system user accounts are not migrated from CEE to CTF 17.8. They are either dropped or renamed.
  • Issue Tracker’s internal users (for example, issues@ert) are mapped to "Nobody".
    Note: Users of the form issues@projectname are not migrated. All assignments or concepts to such users will be set to "nobody/none" after migration.
  • Special Users of CEE are not migrated to CTF 17.8.
  • CEE allows users to add up to four secondary email addresses to their accounts. In CTF the supported alternate (secondary) email addresses are three. The first three secondary emails are migrated to CTF; the fourth email address is not migrated.
  • Email language feature is not available in CTF 17.8.
  • In CTF 17.8. notification setting is same for all the tools.