Migrating SCM integrations

Here are the migration details and migration notes for Source Code Manager integrations.

Migration Overview

  • Two SCM integrations can be created during migration. One for Subversion and another for CVS. CVS creation is optional.
  • The version control's view page in CTF 17.8 shows extra information in migrated folders in the Age, Author and Last Log Entry columns.


  • In the migrated repository (in CTF 17.8), the Commits this week column displays "0", even if there had been commits in CEE during that week. This happens because the historical commit details are not captured for migration.
  • In CEE, there can be only one version control component for a project whereas in CTF 17.8, there can be multiple version control components associated to a project.
  • Post-migration, new commits are not archived in commit discussions. However, during migration, the existing archived commits are migrated.
  • Global search does not work for source code. The ability to search source code is not supported as the revisions are not converted to commit objects during migration.