Migrating Issue Tracker

Here are the migration details and migration notes for Issue Tracker.

Migration Overview

  • Issue Tracker in CEE is migrated to a tracker called "Issue tracker" in CTF.
  • Each CEE issue becomes an artifact in the "Issue tracker" tracker.
  • Each CEE issue can be identified with its corresponding artifact, as the Issue Id appears as a prefix in the corresponding artifact’s title. For example, after migration the title of an artifact might be like - "[issue 1] - Issue Title", where "issue 1" would be the original artifact Id in CEE.
  • The association's comment is of the form: "[issueX] depends on [issueY]", where X and Y are the source and target issue ids.
    Note: The date and time stamps are retained in all instances. Only the last date and time stamps are displayed.
  • All the issue activities except dependency activities in CEE are displayed under the Change Log tab in CTF. The issue Id of dependent and/or blocker issues are migrated as "Associations".
    Note: CTF does not have corresponding fields for "dependent" or "blocker" issues. As the change log tab displays only the changes that are made to the tracker fields, dependency and blocker changes are not displayed there.
  • The comments and status changes are displayed under the Status/Comments tab.
  • All the attachments in an issue are made available under the Attachments tab of the respective artifact.
  • The data, file name, file size, creator name and creation time details of the attachments are retained.
  • Each user on the CC list of an issue is added to the Users Monitoring list of the corresponding artifact.

This table shows how fields in CEE map to fields in CTF 17.8:

CEE field CTF field
Summary Title
First Description Description
Priority Priority
Status - Unconfirmed/New/Started/Reopened/Resolved/Verified/Closed Status - Unconfirmed/New/Started/Reopened/Resolved/Verified/Closed
State - Open/Close State - Open/Close
Issue Depends On Associations
Issue Blocking Associations
Issue Closed Date Artifact Closed Date
Issue Activities Change Log tab
Issue Comments Status/Comments tab
Attachments Attachments tab
Attachment - Description Status/Comments tab
Cc Users Monitoring Users
None Group
None Category
None Customer
None Reported in Release
None Fixed in Release
Zero Fixed in Release
Zero Actual Hours
New fields created in CollabNet TeamForge:
  • URL
  • Issue Type
  • OS
  • Component
  • Subcomponent
  • Platform
  • Version
  • Resolution
  • Target Milestone
  • QA Contact
  • Status Whiteboard
  • Keywords


  • In CTF 17.8, you can monitor an artifact even after you are no longer assigned to it. You must explicitly stop monitoring, if desired.
    Note: In CEE, you do not have to be a project member to be in the "Assigned To" list. However, in CTF 17.8, you must be a project member to be in the "Assigned To" list.
  • In CTF 17.8, only the project members can be part of monitoring and "Assigned To" lists.
  • Internal users, for example, "issues@ert" in CEE are mapped to "None" in CTF 17.8.
  • CEE Projects that have set up the "Unconfirmed" state to be the initial status of an artifact are migrated with a change. The Unconfirmed issues in CEE are migrated as Unconfirmed in CTF 17.8, but the "Unconfirmed" configuration setting is not migrated to CTF 17.8. So, that means, no confirmation is required in CTF 17.8.
    Note: In CTF 17.8, an artifact can always be created only in "New" state (and not in "Unconfirmed" state as possible in CEE); as the user must have the "Submit" permission to create an artifact in CTF 17.8.
  • "QA Contact" is a single-select field in CEE, but is made as multi-select field in CTF 17.8.
  • History is not retained for "QA Contact", "Issue Owner", "Cc" and "Dependencies" (dependent/blocker issues) fields.
  • Votes are not retained. CTF 17.8 does not support this feature.
  • If the mime types in CEE attachments are not mapped in correspondence with the attachment type; post-migration, the attachments may not open appropriately. However, the attachments get migrated and can be saved locally and viewed.
  • The email notification options set in CEE are not retained while migrating to CTF 17.8.
  • Associations in CEE between Component-Subcomponent, Component-Versions and Component-Target Milestones are not retained post-migration.