Migrating announcements

Here are the migration details and migration notes for announcements.

Migration Overview

  • Announcements in CEE are migrated as News in CTF 17.8.
  • Image URLs, publishing and event dates in CEE announcements are migrated as news content in CTF 17.8.
  • If the Project Home page is configured via remote publishing (using index.html), the News component would not appear in the Home Page. However, the news component would appear in My Workspace in CTF 17.8.
  • CEE project owner’s message is migrated to the CTF 17.8 news component as project news.

This table shows how fields in CEE map to fields in CTF 17.8:

CEE CTF 17.8
Announcements News
Headline Title – character limit is 250
Body Body
Announcements Modified Date News Creation Date
Image URLs, Event Dates News - Body


  • In CEE, Announcements is available as an independent tool, whereas, in CTF 17.8, News is available as a project page component.
  • For public projects in CTF 17.8, news is displayed in Login page even after logout.
  • Advanced options for announcements like publishing and event dates are not migrated to CTF 17.8. as CTF 17.8 doesn't support these features.
  • News post headlines are migrated only up to the first 250 characters.
  • Deleted announcements are not migrated from CEE to CTF 17.8.