JBoss logs

The JBoss application server writes several different logs under the <SOURCEFORGE_INSTALL_DIR>/log directory.

Lgs the JBoss startup and shut down notifications. This log is overwritten each time JBoss is (re)started.
The Records access to the application from a remote host, similar to the Apache access_log. This log is rotated each day, and the files have a date stamp appended to their name, such as localhost_access2004-11-26.log.
Logs all the activities of the application server, including any exceptions. This log is the best place to begin debugging CollabNet TeamForge server error exception ids (exid).
Records when new sessions are created. This log is overwritten each time JBoss is (re)started.
Records CollabNet TeamForge -specific actions, including some SQL queries that are sent to the backend database. This log is rotated each time it reaches 100MB in size. When rotated the older files have a number appended to the end, such as vamessages.log.1 and vamessages.log.2.