The script handles all the steps required to change the domain name in the site database. It does not change anything in the file system.

Note: Changing the domain through any other mechanism may cause problems.


Execute this script with a command like this:

[RUNTIME_DIR]/ [--debug] [--dir] --old={domain_name} --new={domain_name}
Note: The new domain name must match the value defined for the DOMAIN token in the site-options.conf file.


The script provides the following parameters:

Show this message
Include debugging output
Old domain
New domain
Run domain change in this directory only. You must specify the full path.

Use this feature to do a subset of the data directory. This instructs the script to do a recurse in the specified directory looking for the old domain_name and replacing it with the new domain_name. .

Note: Without this option, only HTML, text, and VM files are modified.
Defines the maximum number of simultaneous threads that can be invoked by this program. The default value is '50'