TeamForge EventQ XDS Schema API

Submission parameters

Submission queue
  • queue_name: eventq.custom
  • auto_delete: false
  • durable: true
Parameter Required/Optional Description
api_version Required A string that matches the API version this document is for.
source_association_key Optional A key generated by TeamForge EventQ that links incoming work items with the appropriate source server. (Optional)
Example: "source_association_key": "kLM56uWtKAqpeLLm5qJF"
custom_schema Required a schema for the XDS events.
custom_schema - The fields specified below define the schema that activities will conform to.
Field Required/Optional Description
name Required A visible name that will allow pipeline-creators to recognize this schema when populating a pipeline.
schema_id Required A unique id defining this schema. Every activity sent by a single adapter should reference the same schema id. If this changes, the data source is considered a new data source, and data will not populate into pipelines that listened for the old one. If the schema changes, you can use the version to show that it's intended to be parsed differently, but continue to deliver messages to existing pipelines.
Example: "schema_id": "fc358dd0-11dc-0132-b9fe-3c07547a48b0"
schema_version Required A string to uniquely identify the work item.
Example: "schema_version": 1
event_time Required A string containing a timestamp in UTC timezone and RFC 3339 format.
Example: "event_time": "2012-10-02T17:15:32.320Z"
fields Required A string to summarize the work item.
Example: "fields": ["schema_id", "schema_version", "event_time", "remote_id", "assigned_to", "hours_played", "severity", "canary"]
required Required A longer string that can be used to further describe the work item.
Example: "required": ["schema_id", "schema_version", "event_time", "remote_id"]
important Optional A string to uniquely identify the status. This value must match the identifier within the work item configuration message.
Example: "important": ["assigned_to", "severity"]
parsed Optional A string to uniquely identify the tracker. This value must match the identifier within the work item configuration message.
Example: "parsed": ["description"]
hidden Optional A boolean for the open or closed state of the work item. True if the work item is closed.
Example: "hidden": ["comment"]


The following code examples are Copyright 2020 CollabNet, Inc., licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this code except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at []

Sample Submission JSON
    "api_version": "1",
    "source_association_key" : "8578c900-f8df-0131-84ff-3c07547a48b0",
    "custom_schema": {
      "name": "Faux Schema",
      "schema_id": "fc358dd0-11dc-0132-b9fe-3c07547a48b0",
      "schema_version": 2,
      "event_time": "2012-10-02T17:15:32.320Z",
      "fields": ["schema_id", "schema_version", "event_time", "remote_id", "associated_remote_id", "title", "rule", "deploy_url", "deploy_message", "comment"],
      "required": ["schema_id", "schema_version", "event_time", "remote_id", "rule"],
      "important": ["rule"],
      "parsed": ["deploy_message"],
      "hidden": ["comment"]