SCM commits in TeamForge with EventQ integration

Consider the following while integrating TeamForge and EventQ.

Uploading the event handler JAR file

After adding EventQ to your site, it is mandatory to upload the custom event handler JAR file to get the pre and post commit notifications. Click here for steps to add a custom event handler.

Implications of TeamForge-EventQ integration on SCM commits and associations

Pre and post commit notifications will be sent from TeamForge to EventQ only if the "Association Required on Commit" is enabled for the repository and if the "require-scm-integration" is set to "true" for the EventQ application.

Post TeamForge-EventQ integration, SCM commits will fail in TeamForge if all the following conditions are true and if the EventQ application is down or if there are errors while processing the commit request (on the EventQ's side):
  • The Association Required on Commit is enabled for a repository.
  • The require-scm-integration is set to "true".
  • The commit message contains the integrated application's ID. In other words, the EventQ application's ID in this case.

SCM commits can also fail if the custom event handler exists in the TeamForge even after the removal of the EventQ application from the TeamForge site. It is highly recommended to remove the custom event handler once you remove the EventQ application.