TeamForge-TestLink integration

TestLink is a web-based Test Management system that supports all the various components and processes involved in a testing process. Using TestLink, you can create test specifications, execute test cases, create custom reports, generate test plan metrics and so on.

  • CollabNet supports only the integration between TestLink and TeamForge. For TestLink support, contact TestLink directly. Click here for more information.
  • TeamForge 16.7 and later releases support integration only with TestLink 1.9.15 and 1.9.16. TestLink 1.9.17 and later versions are not supported. If you are on earlier versions of TestLink, upgrade to one of the supported TestLink versions and integrate it with TeamForge. This integration does not provide backward compatibility (Data reliability and Migration) to older TeamForge-TestLink 1.9.11 integration that is based on TeamForge's Integrated Application Framework (IAF).