TeamForge Orchestrate Extensibility APIs

Extending Orchestrate using the Message Queue API

TeamForge Orchestrate provides a message queue (MQ) based interface for adding custom adapters and the Extensible Data Source (XDS) system for adding new product domains and tools.

Orchestrate can be extended via its Message Queue (MQ) interface. Build, commit, and code review servers can post event information to the corresponding message queues using the message formats described in this API documentation.

To extend Orchestrate to new products, create a new “agent” that obtains the required information from the desired product, format a message, and transmit the message to your Orchestrate MQ server via an AMQP library. RabbitMQ maintains a list of AMQP libraries that span multiple developer platforms; see to download AMQP libraries. This documentation contains sample messages and AMQP interaction source code.

For the MQ interface , authentication is configured by the administrator of the Rabbit MQ server. When enabled, Rabbit MQ user credentials must be supplied by the posting agent. These user credentials are independent of the TeamForge user store and belong only to Rabbit MQ.