What is the look project?

The look project contains special files that can override your site's default appearance and content, such as the default icons, fonts, colors, and labels.

Unlike most projects, the look project has no members. It is only visible to users with site administration permission. Its only purpose is to control your site's look and feel, including such things as fonts, background colors, icons, and the wording of the onscreen labels that appear throughout your site.

Any project on your TeamForge site can have one or more Subversion repositories associated with it. The look project has just one Subversion repository. That repository is named branding.

When a user requests a page from your site, TeamForge checks the branding repository to see if any files there specify custom fonts, colors or text strings. If such specifications are found, TeamForge displays the page according to those specifications. If not, the page displays according to the default design.

Having your custom look-and-feel specifications in a Subversion repository enables you to roll back changes, track contributions, and use all the other features of a source code versioning system.