Jenkins EventQ integration overview

The TeamForge EventQ Jenkins adapter supplies build data from your Jenkins continuous integration server to TeamForge EventQ for purposes of metadata archival, traceability and event reporting.

The TeamForge EventQ Jenkins integration brings associations and traceability to Jenkins. The adapter displays associations between Jenkins builds and other tools within the TeamForge landscape like version control commits and binary artifacts. Traceability is therefore possible between Jenkins build, TeamForge, and various orchestrated third-party tools.

Inside TeamForge, Jenkins build details are visible in activity streams and association visualizations. Within Jenkins, associations are visible from the “TeamForge Associations” tab.

Clicking “Trace” provides a view of the build in the context of other associated activities. Use cases include root cause analysis and auditable traceability.

The TeamForge EventQ Jenkins adapter is packaged as a Jenkins plug-in. Once installed and configured, the plug-in supplies build results metadata for configured Jenkins jobs to TeamForge EventQ.