How do I set up a local alias via James?

In situations where you need to obtain a SSL certificate for your domain, and your SSL certificate provider only permits you to use addresses related to your TeamForge domain, it may be necessary to generate an email alias from within TeamForge. Since there is currently no way to do this through the UI, you'll have to do it from the James administrative interface.

First, you'll need to connect to the James administrative interface on your system. If you've followed our best practices guide in our knowledgebase, you'll know that you should have port 4555 firewalled to everyone but localhost. SSH to your TeamForge server, and then issue the following command:

telnet localhost 4555

This will bring up the Remote Administration Tool:

[root@app1 root]# telnet localhost 4555 
Trying Connected to localhost ( 
Escape character is '^]'. JAMES Remote Administration Tool 2.2.0
Please enter your login and password 
Login id: admin Password: (text is echoed locally) 
Welcome admin. HELP for a list of commands 

First, we'll need to add a new user:

adduser <username> <password> 

Then, we'll need to set the forwarding address of that user

setforwarding <username> <email address where you want email to go> 

finally, we'll exit the James administrative interface.


Your changes should be in place.