What am I monitoring?

All of your monitored items appear under the MONITORING tab available in the My Workspace page.

From this list, you can view or stop monitoring any item you are currently monitoring. You can also monitor entire applications from this page.
  1. Select MONITORING from the My Page menu. Your personal monitoring page lists all items you are currently monitoring.
  2. Specify the filter criteria in one or more filter fields (at the top of each column) and click FILTER.
    • You can find a filter field at the top of each column in most of the tables in the TeamForge application.
    • The filter field could be a text box or a drop-down list with multi-select check boxes.
    • You can type your filter criteria in the text boxes. The search text is case-insensitive.
    • You can also select the filter values from one or more drop-down lists. By default, you can only select up to 10 filter values in a drop-down list. However, you can set a value that suits your requirement for the FILTER_DROPDOWN_MAX_SELECTION token in the site-options.conf file to increase or decrease the count.
    • Filter-as-you-type: You can find the Enter keywords text box in all filter drop-down lists. As you type your filter keyword, instant search results are shown in the drop-down list. For example, in the following illustration, typing "R" instantly shows all statuses having the alphabet "R". The search text is case-insensitive.
    • Some search filters may not appear if your site administrator has not enabled them.
  3. After filtering, if you want to clear the filters, click FILTER and select Clear from the drop-down list.
  4. Use the up-down arrow at the top of any column to sort your list by that column.
    • Your primary sort column is identified by a superscript 1 next to the up-down arrow, and your secondary and third-level sort columns, if any, are likewise marked.
    • Click the up-down arrow again to reverse the sort order.
To stop monitoring an item from your personal monitoring page, select the item you want to stop monitoring, then click Stop Monitoring.