Instructions to uninstall TeamForge-TestLink integration.

  1. Log on to TestLink.

Delete the TeamForge project mapping

  1. Before uninstalling the TeamForge-TestLink integration plugin, it is a best practice but not mandatory to delete the TeamForge project mapping in TestLink.
    Important: While deleting the project mapping in TestLink turns TeamForge custom sources inactive, the TestLink tool in TeamForge should be removed manually, if required.
    1. Click TeamForge Setup.
    2. Click Delete. A confirmation message is displayed.
    3. Click OK. The TeamForge project mapping is deleted.

Uninstall the TeamForge-TestLink integration plugin

  1. Click the Plugins Management icon from the toolbar.
  2. Identify the TeamForge-TestLink integration plugin from the list of Installed Plugins and click Uninstall.
    The TeamForge-TestLink integration plugin is uninstalled.