Graphical workflow viewer for Trackers

You can now easily understand and interpret the complicated and nested tracker workflows with the help of a Graphical workflow viewer.

The graphical representation of any workflow shows what the user can do with the selected role. The required fields set in the workflow are not shown in the graphical representation. To view the graphical representation of a workflow for a specific role, do the following:
  1. Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.
  2. Click Tracker Settings.
  3. From the list of existing trackers, select a tracker.
  4. Click the WORKFLOW tab.
  5. On the Workflow page, click the Graphic View button. The following window with the graphical view of the workflows for the selected role is shown.

    This workflow is read-only and you cannot edit it to make any changes. By default, the graph shows the workflow for the role All users with create permission, if no other workflow is configured yet. If a workflow has already been configured, the graphical workflow is shown for the first user role for which the workflow is configured.

    The Roles drop-down list contains the user roles for the which the workflow is configured in addition to the default roles All users with create permission and All users with edit permission. For the user roles with no tracker view permission, if selected from the Roles drop-down list, the error message "The selected role has no permission in this tracker" is shown.

    If the workflow is configured for edit operation for user roles with only create permission, then the message "No Transition to display" is shown in the graphical workflow. The message "No Transition to display" is also shown, even if the workflow is configured for create operation for user roles with only edit permission

    Two different status nodes are shown in the graph in which the "blue" node can be expanded to view further transitions in it, where as the "white" node cannot be expanded. When you click the "blue" expandable node on the graphical workflow, a small popup window showing the possible transitions for the expanded status node is also shown. You can retain it or close it.
    Note: Only one node can be expanded at a time. When you click another expandable node, the node that is already open will collapse/close.

    If there are two different workflows for a selected role, an additional drop-down list Transition is shown next to the Roles drop-down list. You can select the desired transition from the Transition drop-down list to view the respective graphical representation.