Edit a tracker artifact by email

To comment on a tracker artifact when you are not logged into TeamForge, send an email to the tracker, or reply to an automatic update email about the artifact.

You can also add a comment or an attachment to a tracker artifact that you are monitoring by responding to the monitoring email notification.

You can also use email to add an attachment. But to edit any other fields, you must make the changes in TeamForge.

You do not have to be logged into TeamForge to edit a tracker artifact using email, but you must have the tracker edit permission for the tracker containing the artifact you want to edit.

Tip: Each comment in an artifact or task has a unique ID with its own URL. To link directly to a particular comment, copy that comment's URL and paste it into an email, a project page, or another comment. For example, to point to the third comment in artifact 12345, write artf12345#3 in your comment. (If the artifact or task you are linking to is on a different site, give the complete URL, like this: http://mysite.com/sf/go/task1234#3.)
Artifacts support @mentions: Artifact description and comments now support @mentions and users called out via @mentions are added to the monitoring list. Include usernames with "@" as prefix (for example, @mphippard) to add users to the monitoring list.
Note: Users called out via @mentions must have "Artifact View" permission to be added to the monitoring list.
Send an email message to <artifact id>@<CollabNet TeamForge server>.
Tip: You can find the artifact ID on the Artifact Details page.
You can find the artifact ID on the Artifact Details page.
TeamForge maps your email to the tracker record like this:
Email field Tracker field
To Tracker email address
Subject Artifact title
Body Artifact description
Attachments Attachments