Reorder task folders

To make it easier for project members to find things, you can arrange task folders alphabetically or otherwise.

By default, task folders are ordered according to when they were created. New task folders are added to the end of the task tree.
Note: After you reorder folders, you cannot restore them automatically to their original order. You must reorder them manually.
  1. Click TASKS in the project navigation bar.
  2. On the Task Summary page, find the folder containing the subfolders that you want to reorder. You can reorder the task folders in the root directory, or the subfolders in any folder.
  3. Choose Reorder Subfolders from the Edit menu.
  4. In the Reorder Subfolders window, order the subfolders.
    • Click Alphabetize to sort in alphabetical order.
    • Click a folder and click Move Up or Move Down until the folder is where you want it.
  5. Click Save.