Who can post to discussions by email?

To help reduce the risk of spam or other mischief, you may need to limit the users who can post to discussion forums by email.

To leverage the advantages of community collaboration, you should keep your forums as open as you can. However, some sites require tighter control over who can participate in discussions. TeamForge enables you to balance openness against privacy along a spectrum of choices.
  1. Open the site-options.conf file, the master configuration file that controls your TeamForge site.
    • vi /opt/collabnet/teamforge/etc/site-options.conf
    Note: vi is an example. Any *nix text editor will work.
  2. Add the DISCUSSION_EMAIL_POSTING variable, and give it the value that reflects the degree of openness your site's discussion forums require. Use one of these values:
    Value Description
    0 Allow only forum admins.
    1 Users with roles and permissions.
    4 All logged in users.
    5 Allow known email addresses only.
    6 Allow all site users and guests.
  3. Review the variables you have changed, then save the site-options.conf file.
The value you set here determines the maximum degree of openness to email posting for all projects on your site. For example, consider a site where project members can post by email (level 3). For a project that requires extra security, the project administrator can choose to accept email only from users with the appropriate role (level 1). However, a project owner cannot accept email posts from a less restrictive category of users, such as all users who are logged in (level 4).