Approve or reject a source control repository request

When a user requests a source code repository on a source control server for which you have required approval, a CollabNet TeamForge administrator must approve the request before the repository is created.

When adding a source control server integration, you have the option to require CollabNet TeamForge administrator approval for all repositories created on the server.
When a user requests a source code repository on a managed SCM server, the repository is created automatically after it is approved by a CollabNet TeamForge administrator.
Note: Before approving a source code repository request for an unmanaged SCM server, a CollabNet TeamForge administrator must create and integrate the repository manually.
  1. Click Admin in the TeamForge navigation bar.
  2. Click Integrations from the Projects menu.
    Note: Non-site administrators can now access the SCM Integrations tab if they have permission to manage SCM integrations.
  4. From the list of pending SCM repository requests, select the SCM repositories that you want to approve.
    • Click Approve to approve the repository.
    • Click Reject to reject the project and remove it from the list.
The person who requested the repository receives an email notification when the repository is approved or rejected. If you entered a comment, that also appears in the email notification.