Set up LDAP integration for the TeamForge site

Follow these steps to convert your TeamForge installation to authenticate against your corporate OpenLDAP server.

Note: Refer to the Software requirements for TeamForge 17.8 topic for the supported OpenLDAP versions.
  1. Stop TeamForge.
    • sudo stop teamforge stop teamforge
  2. Edit the site-options.conf file.
    1. Enable TeamForge to use LDAP authentication by editing the site-options.conf file, for example, edit /opt/collabnet/teamforge/etc/site-options.conf file. Under "External User Authentication," uncomment this line:

      and change its value to true.

    2. Configure the site-options tokens.
      Note: The values specified for the following tokens are only for illustration purpose.
      • LDAP_DN_PREFIX=cn=
      • LDAP_DN_SUFFIX=,cn=Users,dc=testldap,dc=qa,dc=collab,dc=net
      • LDAP_SERVER_URL=ldap://
  3. Provision services.
    • teamforge provision

    TeamForge 17.4 (and later) installer expects the system locale to be LANG=en_US.UTF-8. TeamForge "provision" command fails otherwise.

  4. Start TeamForge.
    • teamforge start