Permit big file uploads

When many users store very large files on your site, you may sometimes notice a slowdown in your site's performance. You can reduce the impact of such a use pattern by telling TeamForge not to index files larger than a certain size.

Note: It's also a good idea to let your users know that the Documents tool in TeamForge is not designed primarily as a storage device. As a best practice, upload documents to make them available for collaboration, not for backup or long-term storage.
  1. Open the site-options.conf file, the master configuration file that controls your TeamForge site.
    • vi /opt/collabnet/teamforge/etc/site-options.conf
    Note: vi is an example. Any *nix text editor will work.
  2. Add the SEARCH_MAX_FILE_SIZE parameter and give it a value equal to the maximum size (in bytes) of files to be indexed.
    Note: The default value is 10M. With this value, files larger than 10M are not indexed.
    A value of zero or less specifies that there is no limit, which is the same as the default behavior without the variable.
  3. Review the variables you have changed, then save the site-options.conf file.