Restore CollabNet TeamForge data with NetApp

Use the Network Appliance snap utility to "roll back" to a known good data point on a NetApp volume.

Note: You cannot snap and restore a qtree. You must snap and restore the entire NetApp volume.
When you snap and restore to a particular snapshot, all data between the present time and that snapshot is lost.
  1. Shut down the PostgreSQL database.
  2. Stop TeamForge.
    If you are upgrading from TeamForge 16.7 or earlier releases:
    • /etc/init.d/collabnet stop all
    If you are upgrading from TeamForge 16.10 or later releases:
    • /opt/collabnet/teamforge/bin/teamforge stop
  3. Using the NetApp snap utility, select the snap to be restored.
  4. Restart TeamForge.