Export report results

To save your report results, you can export the data to a .csv, .xml, or tab-delimited file.

When you use the Task & Tracker option on the navigation bar to generate reports, data is obtained from the TeamForge database, and not from the datamart.

Note: If you created a report that includes trackers with different user-defined fields and click Export on the Report Summary page, the Export Data window will only show the fields that appear in all trackers. To export user-defined fields, click the Report Details tab and click Export for a specific tracker.
  1. Click REPORTS from the Project Home menu.

If you have administrator privileges on the project, you see a navigation bar with Project Activity and Task & Tracker. Click Task & Tracker.

  1. Click the title of the report template.
  2. On the Report page, click Export.
  3. In the Export Data window, select an export format.
    • CSV
    • Tab-delimited
    • XML
  4. Select the fields that you want to export and move them from the Available Columns list to the Selected Columns list.
  5. Click Export.
  6. In the Export Data confirmation window, click the link provided if you want to save the file again.