Reject a forum message

If a proposed message is not appropriate or does not contribute to the goals of your discussion forum, you can reject it.

A message to a moderated discussion forum is held until a moderator acts on it. (Except if it is from a trusted user. These messages don't require moderation.)

As a moderator, you get an email when a message is awaiting moderation. The email contains the URL where you can approve or reject the message.

Note: If your discussion forum is also a mailing list, you can approve or reject the post by email. See the options in the notification email.
Note: You can reject posts with or without comments or reasons for rejection.
  1. On My Page, go to ITEMS AWAITING MY APPROVAL tab.
  2. On the Forum Summary page, click Number of posts awaiting approval. Topics that contain posts awaiting approval have an hourglass icon.
  3. On the Posts Awaiting Approval tab, choose your method of rejection.
    Option Description
    To reject the posts individually: Select the each post, then click Reject at the end of the post.
    To bulk-reject the posts:
    1. Select all the posts you want to reject, then click Reject below the post details table.
    To view the post details and reject: Click the hyperlinked post title, then click Reject on the Review Post Awaiting Approval page.
    To explain your rejection with a comment: Click Reject With Comment instead of Reject.
    Note: The rejection comment is posted to the message sender.
Rejected messages are deleted from the posts awaiting approval list and the message senders are notified by email.