Reallocate a system

To enable a project member to use a system, you must reallocate the system to that user.

You must be a Domain Administrator or Project Administrator to free a host that does not already belong to you.
  1. Notify the user you're taking the system from through email or some other means, so that they don't lose any important work which they may not have saved on that system. The user whose system was deallocated will get an email after the deallocation, but it is a courtesy to notify the user beforehand.
  2. On your project's Project Home page, click the host you want to reallocate.
  3. Click Free Host. The host is now free and can be allocated by anyone in the project. TeamForge Lab Management emails the user that their system has been deallocated by an administrator.
  4. To discourage other users from allocating it, put a note in the host's Description stating something like "This host reserved for Jane."
  5. Notify the user who is going to allocate the new system that their system is now ready.