Let users see what's in a project template

Help your site's project administrators choose a project template by enabling them to see the contents of the templates that are available.

By default, only site administrators can see project template detail, but project administrators normally create a project from a project template. To choose the right template, a project manager may want to know if tasks, documents, wiki pages or other kinds of content are included in a given template.
  1. Open the site-options.conf file, the master configuration file that controls your TeamForge site.
    • vi /opt/collabnet/teamforge/etc/site-options.conf
    Note: vi is an example. Any *nix text editor will work.
  2. Change the value of the SHOW_PROJECT_TEMPALTE_DETAIL_TO_NON_SITEADMINS variable to true.
    Note: Use the parameter name as given, including the typo.
  3. Review the variables you have changed, then save the site-options.conf file.
  4. Recreate the runtime environment.
    • ./install.sh -V -r -d /opt/collabnet/teamforge