Monitoring TeamForge EventQ with New Relic

TeamForge EventQ may be configured for monitoring using New Relic, a third party service.

This article explains how to set up monitoring of TeamForge EventQ using a third party product, New Relic. Once set up, configure New Relic to alert you of outages, monitor application performance, observe errors, etc. It is assumed that you have a New Relic account and license key ready for use.
Note: New Relic is not affiliated with CollabNet and may bill you for usage of their services.
  1. Create a New Relic account and obtain your license key

    If you haven't done so already, create an account on the New Relic web site. Obtain the license key associated with your account.

  2. Contact CollabNet Support and request the TeamForge EventQ New Relic monitoring script.
  3. Copy the New Relic script onto the TeamForge EventQ application server host (App server)

    cp /tmp cd /tmp chmod 755

  4. Execute the New Relic script with root privileges, passing your license key as an argument

    sudo ./ LICENSE_KEY

    where LICENSE_KEY is replaced with your New Relic provided license key

    After a few moments, your New Relic account will reflect the TeamForge EventQ server. Follow New Relic's instructions for setting up monitoring, alerts or other desired functionality.