Add Review Board to a TeamForge project

When the site administrator has made the Review Board application available, project administrators can add it as one of their project tools.

When you add Review Board to your project, it works just like the other TeamForge tools, authorization, authentication, go-urls, association, linkification and source code management support.

For this example, we'll call your project "testproject" and we'll assume you have Project Admin rights in that project.

  1. Click PROJECT ADMIN from the Project Home menu.
  2. Click Tools to see the list of integrated applications available in the site.
  3. Click Add Tool.
  4. Select Review Board from the list of tools displayed. Set the values that make sense for your TeamForge installation, then click Save.
    Option Description
    Prefix Specify a unique alphanumeric string that will identify this tool throughout the site. For example, suppose you set your prefix to ZZ. Entering ZZ_1 in the Jump to ID redirect you to review request id 1 of the "testproject" project. Another may also add Review Board as a tool, with a prefix of YY.Jumping to YY_1 will redirect to review request id 1 of that project.
    Note: The tool prefix cannot be changed after you have set it.
    Exclude Repositories Use a comma to separate the directory names of the repositories that you want to exclude from syncing with Review Board. To include all repositories, enter "None".
    Important: You must sync repositories with Review Board (select Synchronize Repositories check box) to have the repositories listed in this Exclude Repositories text box excluded.
    Synchronize Repositories Synchronize TeamForge Subversion repositories with Review Board.
    Important: Select this check box every time you want to sync repositories to Review Board. When you add Review Board to your project with this check box selected, the SVN repositories are synced once and the check box is cleared. For any new repositories you create, you must edit the Review Board (Project Admin > Project Toolbar > Edit Integrated Application) and sync new repositories with Review Board by selecting this check box.
    If a Review Board button appears along with the prefix as a tooltip when you mouse over the button, your job is done.

    To capture Review Board events for associations and traceability, see the Review Board EventQ integration.