Install the TeamForge-Nexus integration plugin

Once you have your Nexus server set up, install the TeamForge-Nexus integration plugin.

You must keep the following information handy before installing the TeamForge-Nexus integration plugin:
  1. Log on to the Nexus server.
  2. Stop Nexus if it's running.


    • ./bin/nexus stop


    • \bin\nexus stop
  3. Download the file.
  4. Unzip the file.


    • cd <nexus-work-directory>/nexus/plugin-repository
    • unzip

    Windows: Use a utility such as WinRAR.

  5. Install the TeamForge-Nexus integration plug-in.
    • sudo java -jar <nexus-work-directory>/nexus/plugin-repository/CTF-Nexus-Integration-Plugin-2.1.1/util/installer.jar -enable

    Enter the Nexus absolute path and TeamForge host URL when prompted.

  6. Start Nexus.


    • cd <nexus-install-directory>
    • ./bin/nexus start


    • cd <nexus-install-directory>
    • \bin\nexus start
  7. Once Nexus is up and running, upload the Nexus IAF descriptors to TeamForge.
    • java -jar <nexus-work-directory>/nexus/plugin-repository/CTF-Nexus-Integration-Plugin-2.1.1/util/installer.jar -installxml

    Enter the TeamForge Host URL, TeamForge admin user name and password, Nexus application name, Nexus application prefix and Nexus URL when prompted.