Edit review details

At any time after a review is started, you can change the review name, the required and optional reviewers, and the due date.

When you edit review details, affected reviewers get an email notification with the details of the change.
  1. Click DOCUMENTS from the Project Home menu.
  2. Using the document tree, find the folder containing the desired document.
  3. Click the title of the document.
  4. On the Document Details page, click the REVIEW tab. A summary of all open and closed reviews appears.
  5. Click the title of the desired review. The Document Review page appears.
  6. Click EDIT.
  7. On the Edit Review Cycle page, make your changes.
    • Click the Calendar icon to select dates from a calendar.
    • Click the Search icon to display a list of project members from whom you can select.
  8. Click Save.