Set up hardware for your team to use

When you set up Lab Management, your team members can use TeamForge to access their own virtual machines for developing and testing.

  1. Go to your Lab Management project.
  2. Select Project Admin from the Project Home menu.
  3. On the Project Admin menu, click Tools.
  4. Click Add Tool.
  5. Select Other from Select Tool Type drop-down.
  6. Enter the display name as Lab Mgmt.
  7. Select the Show in Toolbar checkbox.
  8. Enter the server location or URL of your Lab Management server.
  9. If you are a TeamForge administrator, select whether you want to use single sign-on for the linked application.
    • If you use single sign-on, TeamForge manages authentication for Lab Management, and users don't have to log into Lab Management after they have logged into TeamForge.
    • If you do not use single sign-on, users must log into Lab Management using its native authentication system.
  10. Click Browse and select this icon for the linked application:
    Lab Management server icon
    This icon will appear with the name Lab Mgmt in the project navigation bar.
  11. Click Save.
A Lab Mgmt button is added to your Project Home menu. Clicking it launches the application in the main TeamForge project window.