Create a TeamForge project

Create a new project when you have identified work to be done that has its own distinct character, dependencies or schedule.

What constitutes a project depends on your organization. Some organizations favor a small number of big, centralized projects. Others prefer a larger number of smaller, specialized projects. Your site administrator can help you decide if your work should be part of a larger project or a project of its own.
  1. Access the Projects page through either of the following ways:
    • Go to My Workspace > View All Projects
    • Go to My Page > Projects.
  2. Click Create New Project.
  3. On the Create Project page, give the project a name and a brief description.
    • The name will appear in project lists and on the project's home page.
    • A terse description is recommended. There will be unlimited room to discuss the project's aims and methods in detail on the project pages themselves.
  4. Provide a URL name for the project, if you want the URL for the project to be different from the internal project name. If you do not enter a URL name, the project URL will be the same as the project name.
  5. If your site administrator has provided project templates, select the appropriate one for your new project. Project templates give you ready-made artifact types, work flow support, user roles and other start-up content appropriate to the kind of project you are creating.
    Tip: The DEFAULT PROJECT ACCESS and PROJECT ACCESS EDITABLE options are displayed based on the project settings. If you would like to change these settings, ask your site administrator.
  6. Click Create.
The project is submitted to the TeamForge site administrator for approval. You will receive an email notification when the site administrator approves or rejects your project. When your project is approved, you can get to it from your MY PROJECTS tab available under PROJECTS menu in the My Workspace page or from the Projects menu in your navigation bar.