Get started with the CollabNet TeamForge SOAP API

A CollabNet TeamForge plugin can provide any of the features a user can access through the Web interface.

  1. Browse the CollabNet user help to get a full picture of the functionality you can deliver with the SOAP API.
  2. Get an idea of the sorts of applications that have been developed.
    • Look at the applications available for download on CollabXchange.
    • Review the reference applications on the CollabNet community site. These samples illustrate some of the more common methods for using TeamForge via the SOAP API. They interact with most of the TeamForge data objects, including users, projects, trackers and artifacts, code commits and tasks.
    Note: If you find a defect in a sample program or have a suggestion for improvement, please post a message in the developer discussion forum.
  3. Set up the tools you will need:
  4. Choose a place to host your plugin project online. We recommend, because you get access to all the collaboration support tools that CollabNet TeamForge provides.
  5. Get the SDK from The SDK includes everything needed to develop and deploy your application:
    • Source files and compiled output.
    • Full JavaDoc reference material. Inside the package, look for doc/com/collabnet/ce/soap60/webservices.
    • Annotated code examples.
  6. Get help from other CollabNet TeamForge users and CollabNet staff in the TeamForge API discussion forum.