Add a cloud host

When you've created a cloud, you can add hosts from physical sources or Amazon EC2 sources.

  1. On the Manage Clouds page, click a cloud name and select Admin.
  2. Add a cloud source using either of these options:
    1. To add a physical host source, select one from the drop-down and click Add Host. Physical hosts can be partitioned into virtual machines that can be allocated into different projects on the site.
    2. To add an Amazon EC2 source, click Add EC2 Source.
      Note: You will need information from your Amazon Web Services account to complete this task.
      1. Add a description for the source.
      2. Specify the maximum number of hosts that may exist at any given time from the set of EC2 credentials specified on this page.
      3. Fill in the EC2 credentials from the information in your Amazon Web Services account. See Set up Amazon EC2 credentials for details on how to get this information - you'll need to provide the API Key, API Secret, and the Keypair Name and Keypair Value (your RSA private key).
  3. Click Save.
When you add an EC2 source, make sure that one or both EC2 profiles - Amazon_EC2_FC4_base_i386, Amazon_EC2_FC8_base_i386 - are enabled for your Lab Management projects.