TeamForge EventQ JIRA Integration: an overview

The TeamForge EventQ JIRA integration enhances further the extensible toolchain model of TeamForge by offering association and traceability between JIRA, TeamForge, and various orchestrated third-party tools. The TeamForge EventQ JIRA adapter enables JIRA as an alternative tracker for use with TeamForge by detecting and storing associations between JIRA issues and TeamForge managed SCM activities, like commits, builds and so on.

You can integrate JIRA using one of the following approaches:

  • JIRA add-on based integration: This method of integration is based on TeamForge associations add-on and is recommended for on-premises installation of JIRA.
  • JIRA webhooks based integration: This method of integration is used to collect issue data from the JIRA server and send it to TeamForge EventQ for the purposes of association, traceability, and event reporting. This works for both on-premises and hosted JIRA.

For example, the graphical representation of associations helps you perform a root cause analysis of an event, say, a build failure. Similarly, the traceability feature provides data useful for the purpose of audit or governance. For detailed information, see JIRA add-on based integration.