Known issues in TeamForge 17.4

The following noteworthy issues, including any workarounds we may have, are known to exist in the TeamForge 17.4 release.

Install / Upgrade

Display on Create check box

After marking a field as "Required" for a tracker/document, it is possible to clear the Display on Create check box of the field that you marked as Required.

UserResourceCache is not configurable

While it is possible to configure the user resource cache size manually via the user interface, an issue prevents the custom user resource cache size from being applied.

TeamForge System Error

When a user logs on after user session and OAuth token expiry, a TeamForge system error is being shown for the page that the user is trying to access right after the log on.

Email notifications

Email notifications are not sent to the entire mailing list if it has an invalid email ID in it.

Multiselect widget

If you have two multiselect drop-down lists, the first multiselect drop-down list fails to close once you select the second multiselect drop-down list.

Required Fields

Even if you have set up a status transition rule with more than one "Required" field, the error message (see below) refers to only one of the fields as being non-compliant with the workflow transition rule.
Warning - the following artifacts were not updated:
<artifact id>: This change is not compliant with the existing workflow transition rule. 
Setting in "Category" field violates status transition constraints. Category is required"