CollabNet TeamForge 17.4 Update 1 release notes

Released on: August 14, 2017

TeamForge 17.4 version history

  • TeamForge 17.4 GA: 17.4.770-27 (05/08/2017)
  • TeamForge 17.4 Update 1: 17.4.798-66 (08/14/2017)

About TeamForge 17.4 Update 1

Fixed issues
  • The connection issue between TeamForge and EventQ (RabbitMQ) that blocked updates from being sent to the Activity Stream has been fixed.
  • The Planning Folder Burndown chart shows the correct Velocity Trend line for the artifacts with P1 priority and "ActualEfforts" values.
  • The script used to add eventq to projects works fine.
  • The users are now added to the list of monitoring users in the Wiki page as expected.
  • A proper success message is now being displayed when you click the Monitor and Stop Monitoring buttons from the View Artifact page.
  • Fixed an issue with permission checks when you add users to monitor an object. Both the TeamForge Web application and SOAP APIs now function the same way.
  • Files downloaded from the FRS in Firefox/Safari Browsers are compressed properly.
  • The RBAC issues found in the montioring REST API leading to inappropriate user activities are fixed now.
  • The SCM Viewer URL does not include a port number as expected.
  • The mod_authnz_ctf authentication and authorization module now supports third party authentication, and handles load balanced/proxy setups gracefully.
  • More time taken during project creation is fixed.
  • Upgrade to Git/Gerrit 17.4.11-2.13.9 to open review requests from the Reviews tab without any issues and to get rid of the thread leakage issue from RabbitMQ.
  • The changes are updated in site-options.conf file as expected after modifying MAX_WWW_CLIENTS option.
  • The comments section is displayed properly on the View Artifact page for the MST (GMT-7:00) time zone.
  • You can now create a bulleted list with proper indentation as expected in the artifact description while creating an artifact.
  • Fixed the issue in which the user even with sufficient permission is unable to create the "Artifact Open/Close Chart (Multiple Trackers)" report.
  • Fixed the issue in which an empty "gitroot" folder is created while provisioning during the upgrade.
  • When the tokens SYSTEM_EMAIL and ADMIN_EMAIL are updated in site-options.conf file, the changes are not taking effect in runtime-options.conf and the respective property files. This is fixed.
  • Users were not able to log on to TeamForge after password reset typically on sites with LDAP and CVS integrations. This is fixed.

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