Text effects on wiki pages

Wiki markup is great for making text look the way you need it to look.

Note: These tools are for use only when you are editing a wiki page in text mode. If you try to use them in WYSIWYG mode, they are displayed just the way you typed them in, which is not what you want.
Syntax Effect Details
Creates a horizontal rule.
Creates a line break.
Creates a level 1 (large) header.
Creates a level 2 (medium) header.
Creates a level 3 (small) header.
Creates italic text. (That's two single quotes on each side.)
__text__ Creates bold text. (That's two underscores on each side.)
Creates monospaced text.
Creates a bulleted list item.
Creates a numbered list item.
Creates a definition for the word "term'"with the explanation "ex."
Creates pre-formatted text.
%%( <css-style> )<your text>%%
Defines a CSS style command.
%%( font-size: 150%; 
color: red; )
Hello, world!%%
Blank line
Starts a new paragraph.