Attachments for wiki pages

You can use wiki markup to bring in information from external sources.

Note: These tools are for use only when you are editing a wiki page in text mode. If you try to use them in WYSIWYG mode, they are displayed just the way you typed them in, which is not what you want.
Syntax Effect Details
Embeds an attachment in the page. If the attachment is a .gif, .jpg, or .png image file, the attachment will be embedded in the page; otherwise, the name of the attachment will display as a downloadable link. After adding attachments, the exact syntax for including the current page's attachments is shown next to each attachment's name in the Attachments section of the Edit Wiki page. You can use the same syntax to embed attachments from other wiki pages in the same project.
Inserts the contents of an attachment (text file) into a page. If the attachment is a text file, the content of the text file is inserted into the page. For more information, click here.
  • This markup is for inserting content of a text file.
  • Files with the following extensions are allowed as attachment: .txt, .html, .xml, .cpp and .java.
  • In addition to image files, inserting files with the following extensions is not supported by this markup: .doc, .xls, .pdf, .zip, .jar.
[{Mediaplayer src='fileName.wmv'}]
Embeds a Windows Media Player or Quicktime Player on a wiki page.
  • src: Media URL / Attachment file name
  • playertype: "mediaplayer" / "quicktime"
  • width, height: Dimension of the embedded media displayed
  • movieheight, moviewidth: Dimension of the display screen
  • caption: Caption to be displayed below the media player
  • control: Displays Control bar. mediaplayer: 1 (Show) / 0 (Hide); quicktime: true (Show) / false (Hide)
  • autostart: Play automatically. mediaplayer: 1 (Auto) / 0 (Manual, Click to play); quicktime: true (Auto) / false (Manual, Click to play)
  • autorewind: Automatically rewinds when play ends. mediaplayer: 1 (Auto Rewind) / 0 (Play once); quicktime: true (Auto Rewind) / false (Play once)
  • playcount: Number of times the movie will play. 0 represents always play.


[{INSERT ExcelToHTMLPlugin 
[{INSERT ExcelToHTMLPlugin 
Reads a Microsoft Excel file and displays it as an HTML table.


  • src: URL / Attachment file name
  • srcsheet: Sheet name
  • height: height attribute for the html table
  • width: width attribute for the html table

More at

Embeds a Flash Player on your wiki page.
  • width='n'
  • height='n'
  • controls='true|false'
  • play='true|false'
  • loop='true|false'
  • parameters='param1=value1, &param2=value2'


width='100%' height='500' 
border='1' scrolling='yes' 
Embeds an iframe into a wiki page.
  • attachment: Attachment path, e.g. 'IFramePlugin.jar(info)'
  • url: A URL, e.g ''
  • align: Align the iFrame to left/center/right
  • border: Whether there is a border or not
  • width: Width of the iFrame
  • height: Height of the iFrame
  • marginwidth: Margin width of the iFrame
  • marginheight: Margin height of the iFrame
  • scrolling: Whether the iFrame can be scrolled or not