Wiki plugins

You can use pre-defined wiki plugins to format your current page.

Plugin Name Details
Section Headings Template Inserts a page template that includes a table of contents and several section headings. Typically, this can be used in a new or blank page.
Sortable Table Inserts a new table that can be sorted when you click on the column headers.
Zebra Table Inserts a new table that has alternating background colors for each row.
Table of Contents Plugin This plugin automatically generates table of contents that provides links to all the headings on your page.
Insert Page Plugin This plugin will insert a copy of another page into the current page. You must specify the name of the page to insert.
Current Time Plugin This plugin displays the current date and local time of the server when the page is viewed.
Insert Attachment The insert attachment plugin allows you to insert the contents of an attachment into a page.
Media Player This is an embedded player in your wiki page, supporting Windows Media Player and Apple QuickTime.
Insert Table Additional table support including multi-line table editing, cell merging, and automatic row numbering.
Flash Player An embedded flash player for the wiki page.
Insert Excel Allows you to insert a Microsoft Excel file as a table.
Insert iFrame Allows embedding attachments, external urls, and files (relative to the docbase).
Code to HTML Allows source code syntax to be rendered as a HTML output and supports syntax from 130 different programming languages.
Index Plugin Displays all the pages in wiki in a alphabetical order.
Recent Changes Plugin Inserts the latest changes in order.
Referred Pages Plugin Finds and lists all the pages that are referred to by the current page. The depth parameter allows to display a recursive tree of referred pages.
Referring Pages Plugin Finds and lists all the pages that refer to the current page.
Undefined Pages Plugin Lists all the pages that are referred to, but not yet created.
Unused Pages Plugin Lists all the pages that are not currently referred to by any other page.
ExcelToHTMLPlugin Provides a HTML view for the Excel spread sheet files.
PDFPlugin Provides the PDF output for the files.
WikiContentToHTML Plugin Exports a specific page to HTML.