Troubleshooting the Crucible adapter

You may encounter these problems when using the Crucible adapter:

How do I get the queue server hostname and credentials? I need it to set up my adapter.
Adapters use a message queue server to transmit data to TeamForge EventQ. Adapters must therefore be configured with the queue server hostname, username, and password.
When you create a new "Source" in TeamForge EventQ, a unique set of queue server credentials is created for use with your adapters. To find the queue server hostname and credentials, log into TeamForge as a privileged EventQ user and navigate to: Manage Sources > Toggle Review > Edit the Source
Locate the section named "Adapter Configuration Information".
Copy the queue server's hostname, username, and password and use them to configure your adapter.
Note that the same queue server hostname, username and password may be shared by multiple sources; however, the source association must be unique for each source.
Where are communication errors reported?
Communication problems with the TeamForge EventQ message queue server — such as inability to access the server URL or incorrect authentication credentials — will be reported in the Fisheye-Crucible error log, usually found in [FISHEYE_INST]/var/log/atlassian-fisheye-YYYY-MM-DD.log