The pbl.py utility enables you to upload files to the Project Build Library and perform various operations on them.


Print out a help message and exit.
--api-user|-u username
Your TeamForge Lab Management login name. Required for all upload operations.
--api-key|-k key
Your TeamForge Lab Management API key. Required for all upload operations.
--api-url|-l url
The URL to the TeamForge Lab Management API's. Will generally be https://$external_host/cubit_api/1. Required for all upload operations.
--comment|-c "your comment"
Print out a comment on this operation. The comment is always optional. The comment string will be logged in the audit log, but is not recorded in the PBL. For example, if you are deleting some files, you might want to use a comment to explain why you were deleting those files, for future auditing purposes.
Print out more detail on what the pbl.py is doing.
If this option is not specified, the pbl.py client reads in the XML returned from the server and presents the results to you in nicely formatted text. If you'd like to instead see the raw XML returned from the server, select this option.
As a convenience, the pbl.py function caches the value of the --api-user and --api-key parameters in your home directory, in a subdirectory named .cubit, the first time a successful authentication is performed against the server. This is analogous to the Subversion client's use of the .subversion directory to store authentication credentials. Selecting the --no-auth-cache option turns off this caching.
--project|p projname
The TeamForge Lab Management project in which the file you are operating on is located.
--type|t {pub|priv}
The visibility type of the file, either pub (the file is in the public area of the PBL) or priv (the file is in the private area of the PBL).
--remotepath|r path
The remote path on the server, excluding the base directory, the project, and the visibility type. Examples are below.