Migrating Issue Tracker

When Issue Tracker data is migrated from CollabNet Enterprise Edition to TeamForge, you will see these changes.

Common features

Here's a list of what you had in Issue Tracker and what you now have instead in TeamForge tracker.
  • Issue Tracker in CEE is migrated to a tracker called "Issue Tracker" in CTF.
  • Each CEE issue becomes an artifact in ‘Issue Tracker’ tracker.
  • Each CEE issue can be identified with its corresponding artifact, as issue Id appears as a prefix in the corresponding artifact’s title. For example, [issue 1].
CEE field CTF field
Summary Title
First Description Description


Some behavior in TeamForge tracker is different from Issue Tracker functionality.
  • In CTF, you can monitor an artifact even after you are no longer assigned to it. You must explicitly stop monitoring, if desired. This behavior is different from CEE.
  • In CTF, only the project members can be part of monitoring and "Assigned To" lists.
CEE field CTF behavior
QA Contact Single-select field in CEE, but is made as multi-select field in CTF.
Cc and Dependencies (dependent/blocker issues) fields History is not retained for both these fields.