User permissions on a CEE and CTF 17.4 site

Each permission a user can have on a CollabNet Enterprise Edition site has an equivalent permission on a CollabNet TeamForge site, with a few exceptions.


  • For integrations on TeamForge, users with the "Domain - Administer" permission on CEE get the "SCM Admin" and "SWLA Admin" permissions.
  • CEE's Guest user is not migrated.
  • CEE's Registered User and Anonymous Guest domain roles are dropped in favor of Default Access Permissions.
  • Permissions of CEE's Registered User role are transferred to CTF 17.4's project's Default Access Permissions. Project is created as public (User class: "All logged in users") if the guest access was turned ON in CEE, or as gated (User class: "All project members and all non-restricted users") otherwise.
  • Permissions of CEE's Anonymous Guest role are transferred to CTF 17.4's public project's Default Access Permissions (User class: "All users") if the guest access was turned ON in CEE.
  • CEE's Host users with Host Admin role are migrated as CTF 17.4's site Admins.
  • CEE's other host users are migrated as non-adminstrators in CTF 17.4.
  • The CEE's host roles that are dropped are captured in the exception report.
  • CEE and CTF 17.4 permission mapping details are configurable.
  • There are no permissions (actions) for CUBiT, they are just roles without any permissions.