Migrating project dashboard

Here are the migration details and migration notes for project dashboard.

Migration Overview

  • CEE's PD/Task is not migrated to CTF 17.4. However, the customers can access all the versions of imported and synchronized MPP files which they had in CEE. Post migration, any version of the file can be chosen and imported manually into the corresponding project in CTF 17.4.
  • The MPP files of a project can be found under the "plans" directory of the respective project's CVS or SVN repository. The version number in the sync file's name corresponds to a repository revision of the plan file.
  • The files will have the following naming convention:
    • Plan files: <domain name>_<project name>_plan.mpp
    • Sync files: <domain name>_project name>_sync_<version no.>.mpp
    Tip: As an example, "mydomain_myproject_sync_1.18.mpp" will be the sync file corresponding to the revision "1.18" of plan file, "mydomain_myproject_plan.mpp".
  • Any revision of the plan file or a sync file can be retrieved from the repository.
  • You can take a backup of the exception report from the following location: <source folder for cee dump and load directory>/backup/<domain name>/projects/<projectname>/projectname-REPORT.txt
  • The global exception report can be accessed from: <source folder for cee dump and load directory>/backup/<domain name>/global/GLOBAL-REPORT-CONSOLIDATED.txt