What is a user group?

To manage multiple users at once, create a group to represent them.

You can create a group to facilitate managing many users who share one or more characteristics.

For example, giving all the users in the accounting division access to all financial projects might be laborious if you assigned the permissions one at a time. Instead, create a group and assign it access to the financial projects category.

A user group can have any number of roles. When a role is assigned to a group, every member of that group has that role.

If a project is a subproject of another project, it may inherit user groups and their associated roles from the parent project.

Note: A user who has a role in a project by virtue of group membership is not necessarily a member of that project. Becoming a member of a project is a separate process.

Group permissions are cumulative. This means that each member of the user group has all the access permissions allowed by all of the assigned roles, plus any permissions that may have been assigned by other methods, such as application permissions or individually assigned roles.