Upgrade EventQ

This section provides steps for upgrading TeamForge EventQ installations to the latest release.

Upgrade Overview

The upgrade process varies for single host and multi host installations of EventQ. As such, this section contains separate documentation for each:

Proxy configuration steps after upgrading from 1.4.1 (or earlier)

Starting with version 8.1, EventQ must be configured to proxy through TeamForge's web server. This provides users with a single hostname/port combination for accessing TeamForge and EventQ. It is required since some new features (like the JIRA adapter) rely on the proxy.

See Proxy upgrade configuration after upgrading to set up proxying.

Data loss potential during upgrades

While we have designed the upgrade process to minimize data loss, there is still a chance that EventQ misses data from sources during an upgrade.

During normal operation, adapters communicate source data (such as builds and commits) directly with RabbitMQ, the message queue layer between your data sources and EventQ. EventQ then consumes these messages from the queue as fast as it can. Disruption to RabbitMQ or the database layer (MongoDB) may lead to data loss as follows:

Risk from these two scenarios can be mitigated by upgrading MongoDB and RabbitMQ components at times of low traffic (i.e., after work hours).

Backup your data

Before upgrading, it is a good idea to backup TeamForge EventQ system and data, see Back up and restore EventQ data.